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Ilya Gefter is a painter, art educator and founder of the Vsiual Art Center, Tel Aviv. Ilya was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, studied in the US and Italy, and is now based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"My central preoccupation is turning white canvases into visual sensations, but my professional activity also encompasses lecturing and writing about art, teaching drawing and painting, and facilitating encounters between art and the community." For more information about Ilya's work as an art educator, you are welcome to visit the Visual Art Center website:

"The path of painting is inseparable from the human passage through life. The works are responses to what I see, feel, and remember. I want to visually communicate that which can be felt and seen by anyone, but often remains unnoticed beneath the surface of routine contact with reality."
Gefter's paintings and works on paper have been exhibited and collected internationally.

The works are either available for sale or housed in private and public collections.

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